Whether it is flowers, cereal or vegetable crops, you can get the best seeds possible. Biocarve Seeds, flower seeds exporter India, has a history of supplying the best quality seeds for over 22 years. They use advanced technology and high quality standards to produce the best quality seeds. They particularly share information that helps the buyers improve their field production. Customers need guidance and support in the field so they depend on Biocarve Seeds for the best advice in every season. Due to their extensive testing and field trials, they are able to provide their customers with the valuable advice they need. They strive to improve their agriculture and horticulture industry so they work hard to produce seeds of the best quality possible. The seeds they supply have a purity of 99% and a germination rate of above 80%.

Biocarve Seeds has more than a hundred acres under self cultivation. A large area is also planted, with farmers who have been employed on contract basis. There are more than a hundred and forty different varieties of flower crops available. They have high yielding, disease resistant open pollinated flower crops and also F1 hybrid vegetables. You can order seeds in bulk or buy smaller packets of seeds with attractive pictures on them. Seed professionals supervise the germination and growth of the seeds. They undertake contract production of seeds according to the individual requirement of the customers.

Some of the many flower seeds they specialise in are Marigold, daisy, calendula, petunia, balsam, salvia and vinca. You can place and order for a small packet of 0.1gm or a packet of 1kg. You can go through the website and place your order online. The price of each of the flower seeds is given clearly. On the website, you will see a colorful picture of the flower, the scientific name and the common name, the price and a short description of the plant. For example, Alcea rosea [hollyhocks summer carnival] has attractive pink flowers and is on sale for Rs. 40.  You can also read more about each flower by clicking on ‘read more’ which then tells you details about the stem and leaves, and that Hollyhock is borne on long spikes, 8-10cms long. The sowing temperature, life cycle and amount of sun required is also mentioned. After reading the descriptions of the flower, you can decide which one you would want to purchase. You can also find out from the website if the flower is in stock or not.

Similarly, if you are interested in purchasing vegetable seeds, the website has a wide variety of these. Some of the common ones available are beans, bottle gourd, brinjal, brocolli, cabbage and capsicum. As with the flowers, the vegetables are displayed with attractive pictures. The price and a description of each one is given. You can also find out the plant type, pod colour, pod type, pod length, whether string is present or not, the number of seeds in a packet, the sowing temperature and life cycle and also whether it is in stock. If you are looking forward to planting some healthy vegetables in your vegetable garden, you should check out this website. Biocarve Seeds is the best flowers seeds exporters with years of experience.